CyberSecurity Week Africa | 2020

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We are set to welcome speakers for the Cyber Security Week Africa 2020. October is a Cyber Security Awareness month globally and we have made it a culture to devote one week to join the African voices in the global conversations.

This year Cyber Security Week is different. It is going to be 100% virtual, due to the current pandemic. But that’s not all, we are doing it different too. Here’s how…

For many years major conferences have focused on industry leaders. Leaders that we all look up to and mentor us. During this cyber week, we change the focus to the next generation leaders. The young professionals getting into the space. We give them a chance to be on the lime light, share ideas, success journey’s and show case talent. If this is you, your welcome.

Have you just started your career in Cyber Security, Are you job hunting in infosec, an infosec enthusiast, run a startup in cyber security, gone through any cyber security program and you want to know where to start or a you a CTF player? This is the forum for you.

Calling for speakers on any concentration in cyber security, Solution based or any other, submit your proposal and we shall consider you.

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