CSR goal for CyberSpeak LC

At CyberSpeak LC we have understood that Cyber security is an effort that not only protects — and even benefits — a company’s bottom line, but also contributes to overall corporate and societal sustainability. This is besides, safeguarding online privacy, freedom of expression and the exchange of information. Therefore cyber security is at the core in supporting fundamental human rights when they are both online and offline.

Viability of businesses and the Value chains they control ultimately depends on solving the world’s most pressing societal issues in this case the Cyber Space.

Forbes, suggests that in the years ahead leading businesses, should commit to bold social goals, and integrate social change in all aspects of their operations. Akin to Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest producers of meat and poultry, which has a social goal of ending hunger, CyberSpeak LC on the other hand has a social responsibility of promoting learning in the cyber security industry and offering a platform for people within the industry to connect and network.

For instance there’s is an overarching need to engage the millennial’s fresh from campus who are starting out in the industry. We hope that through this meetups we will capture their cybersecurity interests and present solutions to some of their pressing needs, which includes gaining a foothold in the industry.

Its in leu of the above, this initiative hopes that prospective mentors will be met and ideas nurtured. We also understand that the young people are more wired to applying what they know to issues they’re passionate about. CyberSpeak LC offers just that, by growing the diverse cyber security niche groups, enabling them to meet professionals from various fields including: SOC analysts, Pen testers, digital forensic specialist, bug bounty hunters, reverse engineers, Malware analysts, Appsec professionals and digital privacy advocates among others,

CyberSpeak LC therefore will have to do all they can to measure their impact, with quantifiable results. Just as no significant use of business capital is made without a way to assess its value, these social investments is no exception, and for our sessions we have measurable degree of impact that is well backed up. For instance our call/reach out for speakers has been heard and appreciated by the C-suite and some of our audience have gotten jobs leveraging on the networks.

This might be a drop in the ocean, since a lot still needs to be done. Nonetheless, we believe that the more companies and community initiatives get serious about growth in the industry, the more the cyber security field will be more approachable and the more safer the internet will be.

According to Scott Shackelford, when companies get serious about security and a safer internet, the resulting concept, is much like vaccinating people against a disease:

If enough people are protected, the others benefit too, through what is called “herd immunity”.

Scott Shackelford

In Conclusion cyber security and online privacy are key elements in this digital age. And it’s time consumers demand that, corporations treat them as the 21st-century social responsibilities they are.

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