Kenya Set to have a Data Protection Commissioner

In 2019, Kenya signed into law its Data Protection Act making the count of countries in Africa to have in place a law that protected citizens against data violations 27 according to UNCTAD. Having being in discussion for a number of years, the data protection act was widely discussed and compared to the General data […]

Alternative Virtual Conferencing Platforms

Are you looking for alternative conferencing platforms other than Zoom for either big or small meetings? This blog is going to help you out a lot. Zoom has in the recent past been on the spot light for its many security concerns leading to advisories from governments and organizations. Many people now are looking for […]

Tech & Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Africa

Africa is known for its rich culture and preservation of heritage. But technology has changed the way preservation of this has been done for ages, introducing new challenges to the Museums meant to preserve heritage across the world. Africa Legal Tech Network held a conversation addressing this concerns and what the way forward would be […]

The Silent Call “Wangiri Fraud”

One ring from an international number that you do not recognize that drops immediately. That is a sign that your a victim of the famous Wangiri Fraud. deriving its name from the Japanese, Wangiri means ‘One ring and drop’. The catch is, if the victim return the call, they get to be charged exaggerated call […]

Safer Internet Day 2020 | #SIDAfrica

A global village is what the internet made the world to be. Small in terms of you have access to what you need instantly without much to do and have apart from an internet enabled device. The Internet has made communication very easy and access to information. Everyone nowadays literally is a Netizen. But with […]


This an art of recovering or tracing back events and activities in a digital device. It is also called Forensics Science but over the time as technology evolved, most started to refer to it as Cyber Forensics which encompasses all digital devices in relation to digital crime. This process is a post cyber crime event, […]


“Emotet is a Trojan that is primarily spread through spam emails (malspam). The infection may arrive either via malicious script, macro-enabled document files, or malicious link. Emotet emails may contain familiar branding designed to look like a legitimate email.” Yesterday the US Department of Homeland security issued an advisory of the spiked numbers of attacks […]


What would a person with your real name and your phone number do with that information that would in one way or another affect your life either positively or negatively? And do you consider disclosure of your name and phone number a violation of your privacy? Well, this is a question that many still grapple […]


In the ever growing digital uptake in Kenya and across Africa grow a big need for laws and regulations of the technology and its use. The demand for incorporation of technology in businesses and daily running of the countries economy has become inevitable and this uptake has introduced unprecedented risk scenarios that law makers did […]


CyberSpeak | Learn & Connect is an independent, pan-African, go-to meetup events. Creating time and space to enable learning from experts and practitioners, networking with peers & professionals and connecting within the cyber security industry. The CyberSpeak LC meetups are purposed at core to foster systemic and sustained conversations from promoting awareness, gender diversity in […]