A Pan-African CyberSecurity platform to LEARN & CONNECT

With forums, talks, trainings and awareness campaingns, we are able to connect Africa in one voice against Cyber Criminals.


We provide a platform with expertise to novice, and we let you engage to grow yourself or mentor another in the process.


At CyberSpeak LC, it’s all about learning. Cyber security is all about research and learning something new each day.


Ensure that you make the right connections at CyberSpeak LC. Your network is your net-worth. Make it with the right connections.

What we are all about.

CyberSpeak LC is people oriented and community driven. We are all about sharing and caring. That’s why most of what we do is Free as a way to not lock out anyone willing to join the community. We are all about the Cyber Security community sharing knowledge and creating an African Cyber Security Story. Here’s is how we achieve that…


This bi-monthly meetups bring together practitioners from different IT spaces and we converge together to discuss a topic that is debatable. This is all to create a conversation as well as share knowledge to those who did not know.


Campaigns on Online Risk Awareness are essential for CyberSpeak LC to make sure that Cyber Security Awareness is spread across Africa and the world. ORA creates that space to learn and sensitize public about the Internet.


Building capacity is our strong goal as we have a shortage of cyber Security professionals. Through HackerVillage, we are able to tap & build interest in participants in taking Cyber security as a career.


CTFs on cyber security are essential for one’s growth. Competitions and awards are scheduled to allow the different interested parties compete within themselves and create a more cohesive space for people to learn skills that will help them become better Cyber defenders.


Through our affiliate organization Cyber In Africa, publications about cyber security, news and events, African innovations that are creating a better cyber space or are meant to make it easier to tackle cyber crime are published to ensure that Africa is on the know.


Everyone deserves an equal space to compete and gain a space in the cyber security field. That’s why we encourage all that want to join the space engage as we provide a pool of expertise that is rich in information and can help one move up the cyber security ladder.

We are one of the champions across Africa for National Cyber Security Awareness month & Safer Internet Day. 

To get to the same level as other continents we need to borrow, learn and join the world in celebrating days that are dedicated to create awareness on Cyber Security. On this quest, we have becomes partners and champions of two major campaigns across the world joining hundreds of other countries in championing the conversations across Africa. That is the National Cyber Security Awareness month held every in October every year and the Safer Internet Day in February. All in the mission of having an integrated conversation in Africa about cyber security. Apart from the two, other celebrated days such as Data Privacy day, Women in Infosec day etc are days we create a conversation around.

Work with us!

Our achievements in numbers

2018 was the year that CyberSpeak LC began its quest to changing the African cyber security security. Over the time till now, we celebrate the small success we have had over the period. Here are some statistics





Hacker Village are practical sessions giving hands on cyber security skills that help participants be able to tackle challenges in the real world & become better defenders


The Cyber Security meet-ups bring together practitioners and anyone interested to discuss concerns in the industry and ways to improve it


Public sensitization campaigns to educate public on both positive & negative side of the internet & how each one can make it a safer space


We celebrate all the speakers in our speakers wall of fame and presenters/trainers in our sessions and we want to recognize some of them in our hall of fame…

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