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CyberSPEAK | L & C-- is the independent, go-to event for – cybersecurity talks and networking in Kenya and Africa, whose goal is to provide an opportunity to learn from the experts, network with professionals and connect with the cyber industry -- in the cybersecurity epi-center of Africa, Kenya.

We are a new community of information security enthusiasts, professionals, experts ,novies and wannabes focused on enabling the local and continent's eco-system in a strategic, systemic and sustained way through knowledge and info sharing.

We aim at Building and empowering the online community in Kenya and Africa to be vigilant as they adopt technology and also give them the knowledge of how to secure the systems by giving them access to expertise already in the field.

We are open to partnerships and collaborations. We are always looking for speakers, guest hosts, moderators and volunteers. Contact us for more information.


Our Portfolio

From the time CyberSpeakLC started, we have done engagements and created a series of events bring people of the same mindset together and giving them a platform to Learn and Connect. Following those engagements, we have taught as well as learned the diversity in the field.

CyberSpeakLC Session 1 (S1) happening. Learn and Connect

May 23, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The first CyberSpeakLC event. The topics for Session 1 (S1) were focusing on Data Privacy | Data Protection | General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

CyberSpeakLC Session 2 (S2) happening. Learn and Connect

June 2, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for Session 2 were : CyberLaw | Cyber Insurance | ICS CyberSecurity | Incidence Response and the Pannelists did a good job in breaking down CyberSecurity in the topics.

CyberSpeakLC Session 3 (S3) happening. Learn and Connect

July 12, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for Session 3 were : Digital Forensics | Cyber Risk & Complinance | Incidence Response | Security Testing & Audit

CyberSpeakLC Session 4 (S4) happening. Learn and Connect

August 2, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The fourth CyberSpeakLC event. The topics for Session 4 (S4) were focusing on Africa's CyberSecurity Landscape |Mobile Security | Financial Sector CyberSecurity | Gender Diversity in CyberSecurity .

CyberSpeakLC Session 5 (S5) happening. Learn and Connect

August 23, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for Session 5 were : Cyber Careers | Cyber Education & Curriculmn | Cyber Enterpreneureship | Enterprise Security Awareness

CyberSpeakLC Session 6 (S6) happening. Learn and Connect

September 13, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for Session 6 were : Internet Governance | Cyber Laws & Regulations | Data Protections & Privacy

CyberSpeakLC Nakuru happening.
Learn and Connect

September 27, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for CyberSpeak LC Nakuru were : Cyber Careers & Education | Women in CyberSecurity | Data Privacy & Cyber Laws | Enterprise Security Awareness

CyberSpeakLC Mombasa happening.
Learn and Connect

October 04, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics for CyberSpeak LC Mombasa were : Security for Activists | Critical Infrastructure | Security by Design | SME CyberSecurity

Hacker Village happening.
Learn and Connect

September 29, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC

The topics on focus during The Hacker Village were : Mobile Security by Shadrack Kube| Wireless Security by Shalom Onyibe |

CyberSpeakLC Rwanda happening.
Learn and Connect

September 25, 2018 Tags: #CyberInAfrica @CyberSpeakLC @auca_csc

The topics for CyberSpeak LC Rwanda were : CyberSecurity Careers | Women in CyberSecurity | Online & Data Privacy | Internet Governance




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Scheduled Events

CyberSpeakLC has a maximum of 2 events per month giving a chance to speakers and the audience to intereact about the current issues haapening on the Cyber world. Of you wish to attend register now. Only 54 Seats available for each event.

CyberSpeak LC - MG

25th May 2019

CyberSpeak LC Madagascar

The First session of CyberSpeak LC in Madagascar by CyberSwat MG will focus on;

- Security Testing & Audit
- Online & Data Privacy
- CyberSecurity Careers

Past Event

Hacker Village

July 2019

A full session of practical session. Attendees get to be trained on practical skills on security and engagements from indurstry players. This sessions are also meant to create an open space for attendees to showcase their skills. #CyberInAfrica #HackerVillage

Coming soon

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Stay intouch with us to be on the know of whats happening, the events/ forums and much more. If you have any comments, proposals or want actively contribute to the course of creating a Cyber security story in Africa, don't hesitate getting intouch with us.